Gordano Mail Server
GMS Mail is the Internet Mail Server for the Windows and Unix platforms. If you need to communicate by EMail, then GMS Mail is the product for you. >>>
GMS WebMail removes the need for you to invest in another piece of client software for your messaging solution. It provides full email access in a simple interface. >>>
The GMS Collaboration Server is an integration tool that allows the use of advanced features of Microsoft Outlook such as calendars and schedules in conjunction with GMS. >>>
Instant Messaging (IM) is a form of communication which requires an immediate response from the recipient. When you send an email message, >>>
Gordano's Anti-Virus (GMS Anti-Virus) provides you with a virus scanner and manager in one package - this gives you the advantage of vastly improved performance and integration with all of the Gordano product suite.. >>>
By using GMS Anti-Spam you should be able to eradicate the presence of Junk Mail from your system almost completely. Current users are seeing a reduction of over 98% in junk mail entering their system and a complete eradication of relay.. >>>
GMS Communicator automatically manages lists of EMail addresses - some lists are in excess of 1,000,000 members! The software allows list members to use natural language commands to add and remove their address without the need for human intervention. >>>
Calendars can provide you with an easy way to keep track of important events and allow you to set alarms which will remind you when those events are due. For example you can create calendar events for things such as meetings, an anniversary or a friends birthday. >>>
The proxy service is provided to allow multiple workstations to be able to browse the Internet over a single connection. It provides proxying of HTTP, HTTPS and FTP traffic only.. >>>
GMS Archiver automates the storage and searching of message archives. It automatically stores all email communications passing through your server to a secure remote server or the local machine.>>>
GMS AutoPort is a patent pending method of moving users and their mailboxes from any other Internet Standards compliant Mail Server to GMS. . >>>