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Omni-NFS Gateway Version 4.25 for Windows 2000 Server & NT Server | DOWNLOAD |

Client Gateway component on 2000/NT Platforms now includes the following new changes!
  1. Mount/Unmount Scheduling
  2. Minor Bug Fixes

NFS Gateway Exclusive Features

  • The only package on the market to support Microsoft OPLocking (Opportunistic Locking) Read-Ahead Cache Scheme to boost performance. new!
  • The only package to support Multiple drive letter assignment with different access rights assignable to one physical drive for differing levels of user access on the same drive.
  • The only NFS package to support Automatic Windows-UNIX file conversion.
  • The only NFS Gateway pakcage to feature Automatic File Change Notification.

With Omni-NFS Gateway, Windows 2000 Server & NT Server can "re-share" the mounted NFS resources to all authorized UNIX Clients as their respective native network drives.

Omni-NFS Gateway is built based on XLink’s time proven Omni-NFS Client technology and
works in conjunction with Microsoft Windows TCP/IP.

Other Features

  1. Runs as an NT Service, no logon needed to provide service to clients.
  2. Supports FAT, NTFS, CDFS, HPFS file systems.
  3. Drive Mounting Wizard to simplify resource definition process.
  4. Auto NIS Server searching.
  5. Auto NFS Server searching.
  6. Supports directory attribute setting
  7. Supports Microsoft OPLocking (Read-Ahead) Caching mechanism to Enhance performance. new!
  8. Transparent access to NFS resources
  9. Zero memory and disk limitation for NFS Client
  10. Centralized network control for NFS administrator
  11. One-to-one or many-to-one NFS resources mapping
  12. Auto-mapping
  13. Secure access with separate user identity
  14. Drive usage monitoring for Administrators
  15. Controls the number of users allowed to access each NFS drive
  16. Performs individual user UID & GID mapping
  17. Separate UID & GID mapping for each UNIX server
  18. LPD Printer Server
  19. Group Mapping
  20. Mount Wizard
  21. Auto NIS Server searching
  22. Auto NFS Server searching
  23. Selection of NFS 3.0 or NFS 2.0
  24. Bi-Direcitonal UNIX to DOS ascii file conversion

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