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Omni-X .... X Windows Client Version 6.21 for Windows ME/2000/NT/95/98/XP | DOWNLOAD |

Omni-X for Windows is a high-performance 32-bit X Windows Server for Windows 2000 & NT & 98/95/ME/XP. It transforms your Microsoft Windows 2000 & NT/98/95/ME/XP workstation into a fully functionally X Windows terminal.

Omni-X Runs on top of Windows 2000 & NT/98/95/ME/XP built-in TCP/IP stack. All Omni-X Server windows are fully integrated with the Microsoft Windows environment and can be sized, opened and closed like any other Microsoft Windows.

Feature & Benefit

  • Supports Copy & Paste of both text and graphics between X Windows and Microsoft Windows.
  • Supports Multiple Windows and Single Window for Microsoft Windows manager and remote windows managers.
  • Supports Virtual screen (panning) in single window mode to enlarge to an effective 2048 x 2048 pixels.
  • Provides a window Telnet terminal emulator which supports copy and paste functions, an keymapping setup.
  • Supports standard fonts and a Font Compiler to allow other X fonts to be added.
  • Easy installation and configuration supports the XDM control protocol which provides quick connection to host systems.
  • Runs over high-performance Microsoft Windows 2000 & NT/98/95 built-in TCP/IP stack.
  • Supports international keyboards
  • Supports Keymapping utility
  • Supports RGB Color editing utility
  • Supports Extensions ( XIE, XC-MISC, Double-Buffer, Shape, Xinput Extension, etc..)

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Omni-NFS Gateway / Dual Gatewayfor Windows 2000/NT
Omni-X for Windows ME/2000/NT/98/95/XP 
Omni-NFS Enterprise ME/2000/NT/98/95/XP 
Omni-NFS Server for ME/2000/NT/98/95/XP 
Omni-Lite 2000 & NT & XP 
Omni-NFS/X Enterprisefor ME/2000/NT/98/95/XP (Combo) 
Omni-Print for Windows ME/2000/NT/98/95/XP 
Omni-VT420 Terminal Emulation for Windows ME/2000/NT/98/95/XP

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